Instead of leather

I’ve just finished a week of teaching with French Escapade in Tuscany, and before my next group arrives tomorrow, I have a bit of a break so what do I do? More sketching.

When I was with my group in Siena the other day, we found an art supply store with lots of interesting materials, some of which I had never seen in North America. Of course, for most of us this was a lot more interesting than the shoes and bags in the leather shops.

I walked out with some new Tintoretto brushes and a block of Magnani 1404 paper. I tried out both this morning, setting up my easel right at the agriturismo where we are staying in Chianti. The Magnani paper reminds me very much of Fluid CP paper. It has a soft texture that yields to pencil, and it maintains colour saturation just like Fluid does.

I’ll do some posts about the workshop soon, but for now I am just enjoying the views and catching up on laundry.