The Etruscan Coast

When I’m travelling, and of course have no access to a scanner, I love to take photos of my sketches right on location so that I can include a bit of what I was looking at.

I haven’t had much time to post from Italy because I was teaching in Volterra, but before that I spent a few vacation days exploring the Etruscan Coast. I wasn’t expecting to be on the beach so it was a delightful surprise to sketch some seaside scenes.

The beach at Marina de Bibonna at the end of the day. The wind picked up while I was sketching so I ended up with a very sandy palette, but it was worth it.
At Baratti Beach the sand is silver black from the remnants of Etruscan iron processing, so they say. I found a chair at a restaurant with a great view of the beach. The family returned from their lunch as I was sketching.
In between the beach and the road are miles of umbrella pines, and at the end of the day, the colours on the trunks are luminous. I took lots of reference photos of these trees which I hope to turn into a bigger painting when I get back to my studio.
We stayed with Simona and her amazing little dog Gilda. This sketch was a gift for allowing us to share her beautiful garden with a view of the Tuscan hills.